SUPER-SIZE Your Card Deck Profits...
even if your deck isn't done yet!

The Card Deck Ka-Ching
A 2 Day Re-Purposing Workshop

You've worked hard on this card deck, yes?
You've honed in on the perfect card deck content, landed on the look and feel and you are so excited about getting it out into the world. And, let's be honest, it involved an investment of time, creative energy and money. And even if money isn't your primary motivator, you definitely want to make sure you re-coup your investment, right?

If you are only thinking of card deck sales as your only way to make money...
you are thinking too small!

You can easily re-coup your investment and SO MUCH MORE.

There are so many ways to leverage your card deck content that will keep your ideal clients buying from you long after that initial card deck purchase.

“I attended Marcy Nelson-Garrison’s Card Deck Ka Ching workshop and I loved every minute of it. I have worked with Marcy before and have experienced many of her processes, but in this workshop she took them to a whole new level, where I was able to extract so much more content and value by using my card deck as a base. I created a whole new program that will feature the cards and help my clients dive deep into a beautiful and insightful understanding of themselves that will bring them so much joy and dare I say, enlightenment!  This workshop is worth so much more than the price. I cannot recommend it enough.”

— Ann Gordon

Fast Track To More Card Deck Profits...

I know the hard work you put in to drill down and hone in on powerful content. You've pulled from your soul and your experience to gather just the right bite-sized nuggets of wisdom that will change lives. What's cool is that whether you finished your card deck or not, your content is a gold mine.

The really good news is that you've done the hard part - honing your wisdom into bite-size nuggets - now you can expand that wisdom into online courses, group coaching programs and more...THIS is where the real card deck profit lives because you can charge way more for a program than a card deck!

Make a Bigger Difference

Once your client falls in love with your card deck, they will want more. Because of all the thought and constant clarifying that went into your card deck, you know your client and what their next step is. You are in a position to meet that new need and help them step into new awareness and action. Here's an opportunity to create that new offer that will take your client to the next level of their journey and allow you to have an even more powerful impact!

Build Your Credibility Super Power

Having products and programs that speak to your ideal client's needs gives you instant credibility! They help you stand out, reach more people and make more money in the process. It is the magic key to expanding your business without putting in more hours.

You are in a unique position, right now, to easily turn your card deck content into an online course, a group coaching program, a retreat, a mastermind, A VIP day or anything else you feel called to create. And you will easily 10x your profits!

Step Into The Creative Zone

The best ideas happen when you step out of your head and into the 'zone'.

When you are in the creative zone...all the angst of the world just kinda fades are fully in the moment and time passes quickly...the inner critic is gone gone gone...and it allows your best, most innovative work to emerge.

This is an opportunity to spend two days in the zone!


  • Your card deck content expanded into an irresistible online course, VIP offer or group coaching program.
  • Your new card deck inspired program brings in 10, 20, 30 times, or MORE what your card deck alone brings in.
  • Your expanded credibility brings you amazing opportunities for even more visibility, impact, clients and sales.
  • And you laid it all out in 2 days!

Are you ready to CREATE? This is so doable!

Card Deck Ka-Ching
Virtual Workshop
Create an irresistible offer based on your card deck that will 10x your profit and impact

July 28-July 29, 2023

Friday, July 28
9am-2:30 Pacific / Noon-5:30 pm Eastern

Saturday, July 29
9am-2:30 Pacific / Noon-5:30 pm Eastern

In just two days you will experience how easy it is to create something that will bring you 10, 20, even 30 times more money using the exact same content you used to create your card deck!

I'm IN! I want to 10x My Card Deck Profits!

What you will get...

Earn back your card deck investment and a whole lot more!

Create an irresistible program without having to start from scratch.

Be totally motivated to finish your card deck if you haven't yet!

Never worry about a steady flow of clients once you learn the Power of 3 Product Flow Strategy

Have more ways to expand your reach and make more money without having to put in more hours.

Earn instant credibility and stand out as the expert in your niche

And it's all easier than you might think!

Barb Kobe

Marcy’s gifted coaching and leadership allowed me to flow into a powerful way of taking action towards my goals. Marcy creates a powerful space for permission and safety to explore risk, resistance, beliefs and motivations.

Barb Kobe Artist, designer, creativity coach, mentor

How it Works

A Virtual 2-Day Event

This is a unique opportunity to lean into intuition and deep wisdom, invite your creative muse, listen for divine guidance and partner with your magical child to create the next step for your ideal clients. One that feels good, makes a difference and makes your business better than it was before.

The Power of 3

Implement the secret that will bring you even more profit, ease and freedom in your business. I call it the...The Power of 3. It’s about creating 3 products that fit together so beautifully that your clients will naturally and easily flow from one to the next. So much better than creating a random assortment of products that don’t invite a next purchase.

An Interactive Creativity Lab experience

The weekend will be a blend of practical training, guided experiential learning, group brainstorming opportunities and quiet studio time to actually create your program.

Choose Your Focus

A range of possibilities will be introduced and you get to choose your focus based on your deck, the best next step for your ideal clients and what excites you. You will be encouraged to create something that will earn at least 10 times the price of your card deck.

The Zone

Getting into the creative zone with others in a supportive safe space will allow you to dive in and create without interruptions of day to day life. You can create more quickly and more courageously!

If you are ready to step into the incredible power of your card deck content to expand and shift your business, then Card Deck Ka-Ching is for you! Let's CREATE!

By the end of the Card Deck Ka-Ching Weekend you will be amazed at what you've created and you will be so excited to share it with clients! You have just paved the way to 10x, 20x, 30x or more profitability from your card deck!
Let's dive in and do this!

enroll now!