Create a best-selling card deck that WOWs your clients and ROCKS your bottom line…

...without getting all tangled up in the how-tos!

Creating a card deck-based product is one of the hottest new trends for coaches, counselors and trainers. Now is the perfect time to create one for your business.

Not only will it be a great money maker, it will attract new clients, open up opportunities and give you the same kind of credibility a book would! PLUS it’s a whole lot easier!

Have you noticed that every Hay House author ALSO has a card deck? There’s a reason for that!

First of all, people who love card decks, buy a LOT of them! That’s great news!

Beyond that welcome stream of passive income and instant credibility, there’s another big reason to jump on this trend: IMPACT!

I know you want to make a difference and a card deck can help you do that. Card decks are powerful tools and they impact users (your clients) differently than books.

Here’s how they are different…

  • A card deck provides an experience that engages the user
  • A card deck is the antithesis of overwhelm
  • A card deck facilitates learning as the user gets just the right content at just the right time, in small, easy-to-use nuggets
  • Card decks are incredibly versatile. A card deck can be designed to guide, teach, inspire, motivate, prompt, challenge, explore and more
  • AND card decks are fun to use! 

Are you starting to get excited?  

Wouldn’t it be cool to create a best selling card deck that's perfect for your clients? One they would use daily for inspiration, motivation or guidance? They really are the perfect vehicle for your wisdom and your message!  

That said…not all card decks are created equal!

I do have card decks that sit on my shelf and never get used while others get used a LOT! If you love card decks, you know exactly what I mean!  

The ones that don't get used...they just miss the mark.  

I want to make sure you hit that mark and YOUR card deck is one of those well-used and treasured card decks.

If you are going to do it, and I hope you do, you want to do it right! 


The Card Deck Master Class 

Begins October 11, 2017!

This is a 10-week group mentoring program designed to fully support the artistry, strategy, how-tos and logistics needed to complete a profitable card deck you love!

THIS is where all the ACTION happens!

This is where we make sure your best-selling card deck idea gets all the tender loving care it needs and it GETS DONE!

Together we will vanquish the many obstacles that can derail progress on your card deck: procrastination... overwhelm... self doubt... fear of failing...etc.

It will be so FUN to have that finished deck in your hands and out there making a difference for your business and your clients!

In this 10-week program, I will walk you step-by-step through the four phases of creating your own best-selling card deck. It will be fun, creative, information-packed and it will get you into action!  

We will establish a pace that ensures consistent progress and encourages time to get into that magical creative flow state. You will get support to stay with it and avoid the common pitfalls others have made. You will create the best product possible in a way that is easy and joyful! 


PHASE 1: Getting Started

In phase one, it’s important to get clear about where a card deck fits into your product flow and strategy, as well as to determine the impact you want it to have. This session explores foundational questions, types of card decks, your core message, your audience and the creative process.

PHASE 2: Creative Play & Prototypes

Phase two is about creating, playing and experimenting. You want to stay in the creative process long enough for the idea to evolve sufficiently. This session explores ways to develop your content, how to create a prototype and how to begin to gather information relevant to your idea.

PHASE 3: Making Decisions & Developing Content

In phase three, you are still in the creative process but honing in on specifics and really flushing out the content. You will begin making decisions about card deck size, packaging, visuals, your reach and distribution avenues.

PHASE 4: Getting Ready for Print

Phase four involves testing and research, getting estimates, running the numbers, finding your team and making production decisions. You are putting the finishing touches on your content and design, you know exactly what you want, and you are ready to go to print.

What others have to say about working with Marcy...

“I came into the class with a tornado of ideas and somehow Marcy pulled the chaos out of my thinking and by the end, I had a doable, step by step system that I knew I could do and that there was a market for it! It was such a great experience!

The weekly handouts inspired so much thought and creativity and she generously included links to great resources. Marcy walks the walk when it comes to products and product development -- I feel so much more capable of following through with my idea for a card deck after taking the Card Deck Class!"

Michelle Berlin Artist and 'Too Many Ideas' Creativity Coach  

“Marcy’s Card Deck Class was just what I needed! I must admit, I set a very high bar, as I train trainers, and Marcy met that high mark. She has deep content knowledge and practical experience with decks, provided a clear path for learning the steps of the development process, and answered our questions in detail and with patience. I can’t wait to get my deck into production—and to tell my colleagues about this class!"

Jill Greenbaum, Ed.D. Coach, Speaker, Author


The 8 training modules will be delivered live. This is where you get “how-to” information. No need to worry if you miss the live training, it will also be recorded. Here's what you will learn...

  • Where to start (clear how-to steps and do-able actions!)
  • How to move your idea beyond what’s been done before
  • How to create your first prototype (creative play time!)
  • How to find and work with designers, illustrators, writers, printers, etc. 
  • How to get your deck produced
  • What it costs to create a card deck and how to fund it
  • The essential research needed to make sure you will get your investment back and make plenty of profit
  • How to get your deck “out there” after it’s created (a.k.a. distribution channels) 

Discussion and mentoring keeps the fire burning and ideas flowing. We will meet via tele-conference to report on progress, share "ahas" and strategies, blast through any blocks or self-doubt and find inspiration and encouragement. We will also work on some of the worksheets right while we are on the call. It’s a great way to get them done -- you will thank me later. Just know that I’ve got your back! I am always available for questions, coaching and review of material, on these calls and in the Facebook group.

In order to create anything, you have to get yourself to your office, workspace, writing nook or studio and actually get creative work done. We will be doing this together! It is inspiring to be in the creative energy of others and it will provide a structure to make sure it happens. These will be virtual work sessions; we will meet via Zoom video conference 6 times, for 2 hours each. You will be able to show each other what you accomplished. 

There will be plenty of work sheets and strategies to help you work out the details of your deck plus access to my list of product development resources. What will keep you on track however will be taking weekly action steps and meeting recommended milestones. We will be checking in on these and I have a few surprise incentives up my sleeve to help you stay on track

We will use a private Facebook group to share progress, prototypes, resources, content and ideas as they are evolving. You will have access to me via the Facebook group as well as the collective genius of the group. Feedback is a powerful creative partner. Getting your questions answered when you have them -- invaluable! 

An exhibition is always the crowning glory of any artistic endeavor! It’s an opportunity to really embrace the pride of accomplishment -- you did it! All completed card decks will be featured on a gallery page and promoted to Coaching Toys Store subscribers. Everyone who has completed a card deck will be invited to submit a proposal to have it listed in the Coaching Toys Store. 

Cross pollination of ideas is awesome and an expected part of a group creative process. However, making sure your idea, your intellectual property, is safe while it’s in our card deck incubator is essential. I’ve created a simple non-disclosure agreement that you will be asked to sign. The intention to protect your ideas and intellectual property. The agreement basically says you will respect each others ideas, not abscond with them or leak about them until the author gives us all the go-ahead to tell the world. This will allow you to relax and enjoy the process. 

Marcy Nelson-Garrison Product Coach, Founder of Pink Paradigm 

The Card Deck Master Class

A 10-week group program designed to fully support the artistry, strategy, how-tos and logistics needed to complete a profitable card deck you love!

Starts October 11, 2017 


  • 8 Training Modules
  • 10 Live Mentoring Calls
  • 6 virtual work Sessions 
  • Weekly worksheets and action steps to keep you on track
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Invaluable group support and feedback

...all for $995 or 3 payments of $395 each 


Click the payment option that works best for you.

Here’s what to expect…

  • Stay connected to your wisdom and expertise
  • Get feedback from your creative peers
  • Get questions answered as they arise
  • Experience steady, continual progress -- with accountability!
  • Totally fall in love with your card deck
  • Get ready for a happy dance! 

Get READY to WOW your clients, create ripples of IMPACT and ROCK your bottom line! 

Card decks are an amazing way to guide, teach, inspire, motivate, prompt, challenge, and explore.

Click the payment option that works best for you!