The best email message ever, especially when you're on vacation! 

"You've Got Money" 

Only happens if you have products though.

Products open up so many possibilities for your business. If you don’t have products and programs yet, as a natural part of your service offerings, you are definitely missing out.  

You're missing out on...A way to stay connected (and earn money) from someone not quite ready to buy your 1:1 services. 

You're missing out on...Something cool to offer a new prospect when you're booked solid.  

You're missing out on...Easy leads generated by your hot free product  

You're missing out on...Purchases of your product while you're on vacation > "You've Got Cash!"

Creating products is the only way to expand your reach and your profits without working more hours! 

  Let's jump start YOUR product creating!  

Figuring out where to start is often the hardest part - but it doesn’t have to be. The seeds are there - in what you already do. In fact that’s where the best product ideas come from.  

Together let's poke around in your business, look at who you work with and gather the needs, challenges, fears and desires you see ALL the time. We'll find the seeds for product ideas - guaranteed.  

That first idea will very likely fuel a few other ideas and we are on a roll. Sorting out the best strategy for choosing, creating and leveraging comes next. 

If you're new to products, I'll show you how to leverage the power of 3. We'll find the best 3 products for you create: a free gift, a low to mid-priced product and a higher priced product or program. The key is that they all fit together - that's the beauty of a product flow strategy. If you already have products, we'll look for gaps and how to leverage the power of 3 for an existing product or program.  

At the end of our time together you will definitely have product ideas. Woo hoo! Even better, you'll have a product flow plan that’s perfect for your business.  

  • You'll know exactly which product ideas to pursue and why. 
  • You'll know what medium is the best choice for you.
  • You'll know how to make your products all work together for maximum profitability. 
  • You'll know exactly the next steps to take and how to take them.

There are SO MANY different types of products you can create... 

A book, ebook, online course, workbook, journal, audio CD, card deck, calendar, workshop, retreat, keynote, coaching program, kit, podcast series, children’s book, board game, clothing, training prop, tote bag, bootcamp, licensed program etc.

Take a peak at some products I've helped others create!  

Pictured below: a 3 part home study course, a card deck plus workbook, an ebook, a kit, a card deck, an ecourse, downloadable posters, another ebook and a CD. 

You can do this too!  

You can create something that has your authentic stamp on it. Something your clients will love and something that will build your business and bring in more money.  

Some of the examples above were completed in 30 days. That's FAST!

 I don’t want you missing out when you could be earning more and attracting more clients. That's why I created this special Product Jump Start Package and why I'm offering it at such a great price. 

Private Product Jump Start Package 

90 minutes 

1:1 with Marcy

Let's find your best product ideas, explore a product flow strategy and identifying where you should focus your creative energy.

If you are ready to move away from 1:1 work and open the door to passive income and unlimited possibilities...  

The Product Jump Start Private Coaching Package is the perfect place to start.

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Just to give you context - 6 month Private Product Coaching Package = $6000 

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