Transform is an amazing word. It can be as light as choosing to sing a different song or as powerful as a deep soul shifting experience.

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Whether you are a parent, an educator, a busy professional, a coach, a healer or a self proclaimed seeker, you will find something that delights and inspires. 

We hope you will take advantage of each one! 

Mother / Daughter Self-Esteem Roadmap E-Course 

By Laura Hayes 

If you want to have fun and connect with your daughter while building her self-esteem, self-compassion, and unstoppable body confidence then take this journey together. As with any trip, it is not the destination, but the journey itself that is most magical and life changing. The Mother/Daughter Self-Esteem Roadmap E-Course is 5-days of quick videos with a roadmap journal for mom’s and daughter’s to use to complete fun exercises together, as well as motivating guided meditations all sent to your inbox. The Self-Esteem Roadmap Journey is for Moms with daughter’s ages 9-16.  

You and your daughter will learn:

  • The secrets to healthy self-esteem  
  • The power of a mother and daughter connection 
  • Tips for self-compassion 
  • Awesome body confidence

3 Keys To Finding Hidden Treasures in A Difficult Transition

Jean Davidson, Ed.D., PCC, CPCC, CNTC

Transitions happen all the time; sometimes we pick them and sometimes they pick us. They are always uncomfortable, often messy AND you don’t have to feel like you are walking through a fog during these times of your life.  

  This e-book will teach you to:  

  •  See transitions as periods of growth, not setbacks
  •  Recognize “treasure” when you see it
  •  Clarify what you need to let go of, and how to do so with ease
  •  Draw upon the explorer in you to confidently identify your new path

Mindful Imagery, An Inspirational 12 Month e-Poster Series 

Michelle Berlin

Inspirational quotes combined with lovely images can often change your entire outlook on the day. Each month you’ll be emailed a printable poster that will offer a bit of mindfulness, inspiration or perhaps a little self-care. You can print out your poster or use it as a screen saver, share on your social media or send to friends, family and clients. 

Your Inspirational 12 Month e-Poster Series is:

  • An instant 8.5 x 11 printable downloadable poster
  • An easy way to spread a little kindness with the world
  • All about wellbeing and inspiration through heartfelt words and imagery  


Your Best Self ~ Best Parent Manifesto A 5 Step Discovery Process to Empower Parents

Jill Greenbaum, Ed.D. 

You want to be the best you can be for your kids, right?! But with today’s crazy busy world, all the running around, and the never ending errands, we forget.  

We forget who we want to be as a parent and who we really are at our core. When you get connected to your purpose and highest vision for yourself—you will be the best possible self and best possible parent.  

On this journey you will:  

  • Use the PRISM Process to create your manifesto
  • Achieve greater perspective, sense of clarity, and purpose 
  • Move into inspired action
  • Be an even stronger self, parent, and partner

3 Art Doll Selfies For Fun & Self-Discovery

Barb Kobe, Artist, Teacher, Mentor, Coach

A selfie is a fun photographic way to document the world by inserting yourself in it. It’s a pure and honest artistic pursuit. When you make art paper doll selfies, it becomes an empowering form of self-expression. You are now creating images that explore and document your inner and outer personalities using curiosity, imagination and play. This fun ebook invites you to dig out the photos of you at different ages, take some selfies of you now, gather your art making supplies and jump into seeing yourself in a whole new way. Through a guided process rediscover your Original Inner Creative Self, reconnect with your Creative Guardian and rumble with your Inner Critic.

  • Three art activities designed to explore your inner creative self, creative guardian and inner critic in a fun non-threatening way
  • Reconnect with the energies of your original creative and intuitive self
  • Get complete instructions, fun examples and lots of inspiration

Create an awesome product just like the ones featured on this page! 

by Marcy Nelson-Garrison MA, LP CPCC 

Just like the gifts featured on this page, you could create something awesome that gives your ideal clients great value! Creating a free gift will help you build your following, generate more income, expand your reach and allow you to take advantage of opportunities like this cool giveaway. This same process works for products you can sell too. If you do not have a viable product now and you want to remedy that FAST - download this free guidebook!  

Creating Profitable Products FAST! Includes: 

  • 5 surprising truths about creating products! 
  • The nut's & bolts of going digital 
  • A 30 day, step by step timeline to getting a product done FAST
  • 5 Exercises and worksheets to get you well on your way.