Transform is an amazing word. It can be as light as choosing to sing a different song or as powerful as a deep soul shifting experience.

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Whether you are a life-long learner, an artist, a busy professional, a new entrepreneur, a coach, a healer or a self proclaimed seeker, you will find something that delights and inspires. 

We hope you will take advantage of each one! 

High Vibe Questionnaire & Energy-Shifting Activities! 

By Becky Moore

Do you feel stuck in the muck? Do you feel like you have lost control of your life, your energy and your body? Then you need to raise your vibe! 

Fill out The High Vibe Questionnaire and figure out where you fall on the vibrational scale. Then learn five creative activities to shift your energy right away! Instantly shift your energy, melt the tension in your body, find your center and feel more grounded. 

You will get:

  • The High Vibe Questionnaire. This will give you a quick energy readout of where you are now. 
  • The importance of a high vibe and its impact on your happiness, stamina and health. 
  • 5 easy energy lifting activities that will raise your vibe in 5 minutes or less, including: Rock the Mantra, Salt and Pepper and Belly Breathing Magic
  • Raise your vibe and have fun!  

 Soul-Feeding Studio Time NOW!

By Debra DeVilbiss, PCC, M.Ed.  

Whether your studio is filled with paint brushes, amplifiers, fiber, a computer, or something else, you know how much better you feel when you have the time to get lost in your creative endeavor.  

This guidebook is for any creative person who yearns for more time in their studio.  

With the five tools in this guidebook, you’ll:

  •  Prioritize your studio time without letting important tasks drop away 
  •  Understand the number one thing that impacts your creativity 
  •  Give yourself permission to reconnect with your creative passion
  •  Find ways to nurture your creative calling on a regular basis
  • And more!  

10 Blog Posts You Can Write in 10 Minutes—or Less 

By Renae Gregoire, marketing writer, editor, and creator of The Blog Post Inspiration Deck

You know you need to blog to up your credibility factor. You may even WANT to blog because you have a lot of brilliance to share. But blogging takes time, sometimes a LOT of time. And because you’re a small business owner, time is a scarce commodity! That’s where “10 Blog Posts You Can Write in 10 Minutes or Less” comes in.

With this free one-pager:  

  • Discover 10 post types that lend themselves to fast writing 
  • Copy my idea for creating a 340-word post in 10 minutes 
  • Get ideas for lighter, fun bits to mix in with meaty, epic posts
  • Blog more, blog faster, save time!  

Creating Your YES! LIFE Workbook 

By Janet Crawford

When was the last time you said "YES! I love my life"?

When your days are driven by that ever-growing to-do list, full in-box and ALL you can think about is what you DIDN'T get done - Saying "YES! I love my life" probably doesn't happen often...but what if it could? 

 Creating Your YES! LIFE Workbook 

You will be gently guided to create more moments ...

  •  Where you can genuinely say, “YES, I love my life!”
  • That give you that “YES” feeling from the tip of your toes to the top of your head.
  • That fill you with wonder and awe.
  • AND where YOU are running the show, not the to do list - Can you feel the relief?

Wise Woman’s Compass™: Reconnect to Flow 

By Amara Hamilton

Overwhelmed… Stuck … Exhausted???  

Here is a simple 15-minute cure to turn your day around! 

Anytime. Anywhere. 

Experience this free 15-minute guided visualization and companion guidebook and discover how to:

  • Reduce stress levels and up-level your enjoyment.
  • Be more present, able to listen and support people in your life, so that your relationships become deeper and more fulfilling.
  • Rapidly solve problems so you can better use your gifts and talents and have more impact.  

How to Create a High Vibrational Life 

by Karen Knowler

Are you ready to bring more magic into your life? 

If your life has been feeling a little flat or uninspiring recently, that’s your Soul’s way of telling you that it’s time to go bigger.

There is a new, higher way of living waiting for you - and your Soul is calling...

This is your life-changing opportunity to learn:

  • What is High Vibrational Living 
  • The 24 Areas of High Vibrational Living 
  • My Easy & Powerful 3-Step Process for How to Start Creating Your High Vibrational Life - Starting TODAY! 
  • PLUS receive a bonus guided visualisation to assist you in receiving an amazing vision for one particular area of your life 

Five Steps in Creating a Business You Love, The Kaizen Way

by Keiko Kay Hirai

Are you running out of time, energy and resources to keep your business growing to the next level? 

In this ebook you'll learn the “tried and true” lessons I’ve learned from growing an award-winning socially responsible business that’s still going strong after 40 years. 

First-hand stories illustrate how to avoid the common mistakes of starting a business.

You'll learn how to:

  • Fuel your passion and cultivate your purpose for what you do.
  • Create a turn-key business that runs like a fine-tuned engine.
  • Turn your community into raving fans and loyal clients.
  • Become more efficient and effective so you have time and energy to spend on other things you love.

Lead Magnet in 30 Days, Timeline & Checklists  

by Marcy Nelson-Garrison MA, LP CPCC  

Lead Magnets or free gifts (like the ones on this page) help you grow your business. They can be used in so many different situations that you need more than one! No matter what you need it for - creating a lead magnet can be easy & fast. Just download and follow my exact timeline & checklists to get it done in 30 days (or less)

  • Build your following
  • Grow your list
  • Lead people to a new offer